Distances are measured from the East Broad Top Railroad

    For more information on EBT country, visit this Web site. Huntingdon County is located in the heart of beautiful Pennsylvania. It is home to the magnificent Raystown Lake, the Juniata River Watershed and Juniata College.

    Located just across the street from the EBT station, your trip to the East Broad Top is not complete without a trolley ride. The trip takes you through meadows and woods typical of an old-fashioned trolley line of Pennsylvania. The trip will last about 30 minutes. Ride the trolleys that meet the trains.
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    Driving distance: 0 miles; Driving time: 0 hours  

    The William E. Swigart Automobile Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit museum dedicated to preserving the history of the American automobile. Our remarkable collections have existed for more than 85 years, beginning as a private passion of our founder W. Emmert Swigart. His son, William E. Swigart, Jr., fell under the spell of these wonderful machines and built up the collection to about 150 cars, of which 30 to 35 are on display at the museum at one time. Some are one-of-a-kind, such as the 1936 Duesenberg 12 cylinder Gentlemen’s Speedster, the 1920 Carroll, and the 1916 Scripps-Booth. The Swigart Museum is the only automobile museum in the country where visitors can see two Tuckers, the 1947 “Tin Goose” Prototype and #1013.
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    Driving distance: 17 miles; Driving time: 26 minutes  

    The FEBT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The group maintains a group of buildings in the company town of Robertsdale, including a museum dedicated to the mining and railroading operations of the East Broad Top. The trip to the FEBT museum is a must for anyone interested in the East Broad Top, railroading, or coal mining.
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    Driving distance: 18 miles; Driving time: 40 minutes  

    The Society maintains a Coal Miners Museum and Entertainment Center in the Old Reality Theater in Robertsdale, PA. This is another must-see for anyone interested in coal mining.
    Driving distance: 18 miles; Driving time: 40 minutes  

    Spend a night or two in beautiful Central PA. This campground has over 250 camp sites, cabins and even a bunk house to accommodate your family. They offer seasonal/permanent sites as well as overnight sites and tent sites. Spacious campsites are the largest in the area, and you will find plenty of room to park your car, camper, trailer and boat.
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    Driving distance: 35 miles; Driving time: 55 minutes  

    During the age of steam, the PRR relied on the workers of Altoona to design, build, test, operate and repair just about everything it needed in the operation of the Standard Railroad of the World. This museum offers a unique view of the PRR while honoring the employees.
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    Driving distance: 55 miles; Driving time: 1 hour  

    Restored early 20th century rolling stock steams through the mountains of Western Maryland on a stunning 32 mile round trip between Cumberland and Frostburg, MD from May through December. The trip covers a 1,300 foot change in elevation. You'll see tunnels and bridges and catch glimpses of scenery hidden for decades. In addition to daytime scenic excursions, the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad also offers Dinner and Murder Mystery evening excursions for an entertaining night out.
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    Driving distance: 100 miles; Driving time: 1 hour 45 minutes  

    This world-class museum has on display scores of historic railroad equipment from Pennsylvania railroads large and small. In 1979, this museum received several pieces of equipment from the PRR's historic collection.
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    Driving distance: 125 miles; Driving time: 2 hours 10 minutes  

    Visit America's oldest shortline railroad. The train takes you on a 4-mile ride through Amish Country between Strasburg and Paradise. The passenger cars and locomotives are kept up very well by the Strasburg shops.
    Driving distance: 125 miles; Driving time: 2 hours 10 minutes  

    Experience a part of American railroading that hasn't existed for nearly a century-the era of the steam locomotive! Steamtown National Historic Site was established on October 30, 1986, to further public understanding and appreciation of the role steam railroading played in the development of the United States.
    Driving distance: 200 miles; Driving time: 3 hours, 15 minutes