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Begining in 1923 or 24, the EBT began to experiment with larger gas-powered vehicles. The first was M-3. As built by the EBT shops, it had no number. You're probably wondering if there was ever an M-2. The answer is yes; unfortunatly, it wasn't a success and was scrapped after two years of service. M-2 remains only in the history books, but M-1 was a huge success, conducting mail runs and delivering metal castings from the Rockhill Shops. M-1 was also much cheaper to operate than a steam engine at about half the cost.

No. M-1
Built 1927
EBT Shop from Kit

In 1926, EBT shop employees began assembly of a motorcar kit supplied by J. G. Brill and Westinghouse. Construction and testing was finished in 1927. Today, M-1 is a one-of-a-kind piece of railroad equipment. Nowhere else can you ride an original 3 foot gauge gas-electric motorcar on its original right-of-way with all original components. M-1 has never been restored, but has had great care over the years, and thus retains its historic charm. M-1 engine specifications: Brill, 6 cylinder, 1980 cubic inch displacement, aluminum block, 400 to 1100 rpm.
Photo by Lance Myers

No. M-3
Built 1924
EBT Shop

M-3 is probably the most unique piece of equipment on our railroad. It was built from scratch in the EBT shops, originally with a Maxwell engine, transmission, and rear end. In 1928, it was rebuilt with a Nash drive train and numbered "M-3." M-3 was not converted from a car as some sources have stated as the frame is home-built. The FEBT finished an extensive restoration on this car during the summer of 2006.
Photo by Lance Myers
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